Pfalz — Germany

If you’re a fan of "Naturwein", you’ve probably heard of Daniel and Jonas, better known as the Brand Bros. These two German brothers have been making a name for themselves in the Naturwein scene since 2014. They carry forward a family legacy as the fifth generation of winemakers in Bockenheim, Northern Palatinate.

Their vineyards, located at the start of the German Weinstraße, thrive in the perfect climate of the Haardtrand. This special environment allows them to grow grapes naturally, resulting in flavorful and truly organic wines.

Their winemaking process focuses on natural techniques. They let wild yeasts begin fermentation, and their wines age on the lees for added depth and flavor. They bottle their wines based on taste, not a set schedule, and they avoid adding anything extra or filtering, so each wine stays pure and true.

Their grandmother, Oma Helga, designs their wine labels. For example, their Sylvaner label honors Elis, a respected elder who cared for the vineyard before them.

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