Rheinhessen — Germany

The Mann family has been involved in the German wine industry since 1699. Although Andi Mann initially pursued economics, upon graduating he realized that something was missing in his life. Embracing his heritage, he chose to follow his family's footsteps into the wine world.

Andi attended Geisenheim University, where he formed lifelong friendships with fellow
winemakers Max Dexheimer, Andi Weigand, and Marto.

Today, Andi Mann is a celebrated natural wine producer in Germany’s Rheinhessen region. He is dedicated to the health of his vineyards and practices sustainable viticulture.

His wines are noted for their mineral complexity, with a diverse array of soils, including sand and limestone, prominently showcased in his CALX range, his PurPur range is made on a purple stone which gives freshness to the wine.

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