Andi stepped into winemaking in 2015, building on the foundation his father laid as the family's first winemaker. In 2018, Andi transitioned to organic and natural winemaking. His father, unlike many of his generation in the area, was very supportive. Now, they work together on all the winemaking decisions.

Andi is also part of a group of friends, former classmates of the Geisenheim University and winemakers that are shapeshifting the current German wine industry. This group consists of Max Dexheimer, Andi Mann, and Martin Worner (Marto)

Their vineyards lie on the Iphöfer Kronsberg, known for its unique Keuper soil (a type of sedimentary rock characterized by its clay-rich and marl content) often found in the Franconia region of Germany. He has a lot of older vineyards from 30 all the way up to 50+ year old vineyards.

In the cellar Andi relies on an 80-year-old basket press and traditional German Stückfassen (1200-liter oval oak barrels) crafting wines without fining, filtration, or added sulfur, staying true to his natural approach.

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