Rheinhessen — Germany

Max Dexheimer, a fifth-generation winemaker from Saulheim, carries forward a legacy rooted in tradition and innovation. Founded by his great-grandfather in 1896, the family winery continues to produce wine under the historic Walldorf label, alongside a traditional family restaurant overseen by Max’s spirited 90-year-old grandmother.

With strong support from his father, Max is transitioning the family vineyards towards natural winemaking practices. Next to every great winemaker there is another great winemaker — his girlfriend Marika, an Estonian sommelier who arrived for a harvest and stayed for love.

In the cellar Max mainly uses traditional Stückfassen (1200-liter barrels) that he inherited from his family. This gives the wine a good environment to age, having all the benefits of a wooden barrel without having any of the wooden aromas that might mask the taste of the grape.

Max is also part of a vibrant group of friends, classmates, winemakers from Geisenheim University, including Andi Weigand, Andi Mann, and Martin Worner (Marto). Together, they are shaping the future of German winemaking.

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