Loire — France

Jean-Pierre Robinot is a true visionary—photographer, painter, owner of one of the first natural wine bars in Paris writer and co-founder of Le Rouge et Le Blanc magazine, and a true icon in the world of natural winemaking.

He is known for many things, but in winemaking, he's renowned for his patient approach and his choice of working with local grapes from the Loire Valley like Chenin, Pineau d'Aunis, and Cabernet Franc.

Robinot cultivates 7 hectares of vines, all bottled under the "L'Ange Vin" label in the Vin de France (VDF) appellation. Additionally, he produces a négociant series called "Opéra des Vins," where he buys grapes from his neighbors and friends.

All the magic happens in his fairy-tale-like caves, where JP Robinot lets nature take its course. Nothing—absolutely nothing—is added.

His style involves allowing fermentation to unfold naturally over 2 to 4 years (in some cases even longer) in old French oak barrels, with often further aging on the lees to provide complexity, energy and depth to the wines.

His wife, Noëlla, is always by his side, and lately, his daughter Juliette has been frequently involved. Will she follow in his footsteps?

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